Data Collection

Data collection potential exists throughout your business's processes. Whether it be from the operators to the sensors on the machines themselves, the data to drive your business is waiting to be captured. The challenges most companies face when trying collect their data comes from the complexity of attempting to fit a canned solution into their unique processes. Certainly there are standard software and standard equipment that can and should be leveraged when implementing a data collection system, however Automate My Data's approach is make these standard tools merge seamlessly with your unique process, rather than change your process in order to use these tools.


A customer needed to produce bar code labels for each widget they produced. They also needed to collect and store test results from a PLC driven testing stand. Automate My Data captured the test data from the PLC, automatically, as the test equipment cycled. An added bonus was that rather than having the operator then manually make the bar-code labels, the system decoded the test data and automatically printed the bar-code label only upon a successful test result. Their PLC, their network, their label printers, and an Automate My Data custom service, delivered on time with zero manual input. That is the Automate My Data advantage.