Business Intelligence

We spend a lot of time showing you how easy data collection can be or how efficient integration can make your processes, but what good is there in storing data if that data is not analyzed? That is where Business Intelligence (BI) comes in. There are many companies out there claiming to have canned BI software. Most of the systems are merely a web based report viewer and that is because it is impossible to capture the core of BI, the intelligence part, in a can. Meaning how can a company claim to be able to make intelligent reporting about your business without understanding your data and your unique process. This is where Automate My Data steps in. We work with you to understand what the key factors are to your business's success, then we collect the data where necessary, integrate when it is advantageous, apply your business's success indicators, and visually display the results to you. Scalable from a GMs view down to an operators view, we show you where the trouble spots are in your business, in real time, so you can react instantly.